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FPAH is equipped with state of the art in-house diagnostic testing equipment including digital x-ray imaging, ultrasonography and in-house lab analyzers.


FPAH is able to offer numerous in-house testing options so information is available while you and your pet are in the hospital, and treatment can be started as soon as possible.  For example, we are able to perform ear and skin cytology’s to determine the type of infection your pet has and start the appropriate treatment. Other in house testing options include:
• Fecal testing for intestinal parasites
• Urine analysis
• Heartworm and tick borne disease testing
• Analysis of electrolytes, kidney function and blood gases
• Blood sugar testing
• Blood clotting times (especially is cases of rat bait poisoning!)
• Feline viral (FIV/FeLV) testing
• Rapid pancreatitis screening

There are times when more complete, in depth testing is necessary.  For those times, our veterinarians will recommend and utilize a well-respected reference laboratory (Antech Laboratory).


FPAH is able to perform digital x-rays to image your pet’s internal organs and skeleton.  Our digital system allows x-rays to be obtained faster, meaning less stress for your pet and time in the hospital.  By being completely computerized, the digital system also contributes to our “green” efforts by eliminating the use of x-ray film and the chemicals needed for x-ray development.  X-rays can be digitally sent to expert radiologists for further interpretation if needed.
After x-rays have been taken, our veterinarians will show and discuss x-ray findings, as well as develop the next step in your pet’s treatment plan.


Ultrasound (sonogram) is another means of imaging that allows our veterinarians to view your pet’s internal organs to diagnose and monitor various diseases.  Abdominal ultrasound can be instrumental in diagnosing diseases of the liver, kidneys, urinary bladder, spleen and gastrointestinal tract.  Echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart) is an important tool in the diagnosis and management of heart disease.  In addition to the diagnosis and management of disease, ultrasound also allows our veterinarians to perform certain diagnostic and therapeutic tests with greater accuracy and safety.

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